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3YE 써드아이

Meet girl-group 3YE, formed by GH Entertainment in 2019, following the success of their singles DMZ, OOMM and 'Queen' they are back with their first album 'Triangle'!

What is the meaning behind your name 3YE?

Yuji: It means the Third eye. As we wanted to be different from other existing groups, we wanted to show the uniqueness of the Third eye.

What inspired each member to join a kpop group?

Yuji: I loved to dance and sing growing up, I grew up with music of Boa or Rain. I remember copying their moves watching TV. I dreamed of being like them - K-pop idol or entertainer.

Yurim: I initially wanted to become an actor, watching K-Dramas often. But my agency contacted me and suggested to be in this group. As I practiced, I started to have such high respect for artists on stage. I came this far thinking that I could be one of them.

Haeun: I loved to dance when I was little. I was in dance team and have performed covers of many pop songs in various competitions. One time, I had to perform, Lee, Hyori’s ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and was so inspired. I wanted to become like her on stage singing and dancing.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music?

Haeun: I believe they could hear our sound if they just follow the dynamic and sophisticated moves of our dances which is our trade mark.


What would your typical day be like?

Yuji: We are so eager to meet our fans so we practice over and over. I also like to go for a walk or we all like to go shopping together. I video chat with my nephew as well.

Yurim: We show our new moves to our fans, I practice dancing and singing, and go for walks. I like going to malls to shop for clothes, watching movies or dramas.

Haeun: I enjoy Youtube whenever I have break from practice. I surf around for comedies. I have a coloring book at our home.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Yuji: We have built our career after debuting with showcase and first music program on TV. 'DMT', 'OOMM', and 'Queen' are the 3 songs we have released so far. Now, we have released our first mini album!

Yurim: We are coming out with our first mini album, it is our first mini album since debut, so we have butterflies! But I think it shows our colour vividly, and it means another start, so this mini album is very meaningful.

Haeun: We had 3 singles and for the first time, we are coming to you with our mini album, ‘Triangle’, I think the singles have built our career and the highlight is the album 'Triangle'.


What are your goals for this year?

Yuji: I wish this Covid-19 situation gets better so that we can have concert in Korea as well as overseas.

Haeun: I agree with Yuji, I really want to go on a world tour.

Yurim: ranking No. 1 on music program.

What musical styles/concepts are you keen to explore/try out?

Haeun: We have shown up-beat, dance music prioritizing performance mostly, but I wish to challenge R&B or Soul that shows each of our voices.

Yurim: I also want to try mellow ballads or indi-music since we have done lots of dance music.

Yuji: I agree with Haeun, 3YE has shown lots of strong and powerful music and performances, so I would like to do RnB or Soul.


What are your plans for your next release?

Yuji: We are back with our first mini album, ‘triangle’

We are preparing to show more unique and different side of us next time. So stay tuned and wait for us little more.

Do you have a message for your fans?

Haeun: Hello my ‘EYE’!

I know you are there encouraging us and I appreciate your wait so so much.

Since this midst of Covid-19, we haven’t met for so long, we miss you guys like crazy. We wish this goes away soon so that we can meet. We can’t wait to perform before you.

We thank you and love you always!

Editor: Star Hannan

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