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Belysa, based in Korea, launched its first collection on the 31st of July 2019. ‘Belysa’ means beautiful lyrics for everyone. Our inspiration is the fine sentimentality that resides within us. By adding elegant, light forms to this sentimentality, we recreate daily objects. A single verse is at times more touching than a whole piece. Likewise, BELYSA aims to influence the market in 'verse-like' episodes and is not influenced by the routine fashion season.

Episode 01 Beautiful lyrics for all Our first collection, episode 01, represents "beautiful lyrical poems for all", where everyone can experience happiness.

Klase bag The Klase bag comes in 3 Different sizes and 9 Different colors.


Episode 02 Mood for a melody Episode 2 was inspired by my deceased grandmother's closet, who was also a designer. While recollecting the belongings of my deceased grandmother, from antique buttons, jewelry, to bags, I realized that she, likewise, had beautiful and romantic youthful days, and I tried to revive those days.

Bijou bag Our second collection, 'Episode.02 mood for a melody', Bijou Bag comes in 3 Different sizes and 6 Different colors.


Episode 2.12 Once dream I was a butterfly But it dazed off my mind

The main theme of Belysa's new episode 2.12 stands for 'Ohk Lim'. Its meaning comes from the artist name "Lim" or "Ohk Lim", representing eternity and cure, just as the oriental gem, "Jade".

Lim collection The Lim collection offers a phone case, chain, and a variety of bags, card wallets, cardholders, and necklaces.

LIM Collection

Episode 3.14 [BIGCHERRYPYE] Where everyone gets a slice

Episode 3.14 [BIGCHERRYPYE] celebrating her New single, 'Vitamin B,’ Lil Cherry launches her first collaboration with Belysa: the [BIGCHERRYPYE] 2020 collection.

BIGCHERRYPYE collection offers a vitamin phone case, vitamin makeup kit, vitamin milk/candy chain, PYE earrings, Vitamin milk cardholder, and, Vitamin milk bag.

Stockists: farfetch Henrik Vibskov Boutique Wconcept (Korea) Wconcept (US)

Editor: Star Hannan

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