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DONGKIZ 4th Single Album ‘Youniverse’

A love story of boys who are filled with the refreshment of spring:

DONGKIZ’s 4th Single Album [Youniverse]

DONGKIZ has been working hard on the music, full of confidence and various concepts since the debut in 2019, and now they came back with a refreshing and young boyish concept.

Youniverse is a combination of You and Universe, which means you are my universe, "You are my everything" and tells the love story of five young boys.

The title song ‘Universe’ in DONGKIZ 4th Single Album ‘Youniverse’ is a track which is produced by Wooziq who worked with Idol groups like Wanna-one, GoldenChild and having attention with his high-quality music, and Myo who has been working hard as a DJ and a producer. It’s a bright and refreshing song of the Funky Pop genre, it begins with catching whistle sound and groovy rhythm, funky bass and synths, it is born with a dynamic composition that contains each members’ cheerfulness and refreshment.

Furthermore, DONGKIZ who has included special tracks for Fans on every CD, they have included Jaechan’s song on ‘Special thanks to’ on this album.

It‘s a song that is written as a letter thanking those who have been supporting since debut, and Jaechan showing his true heart on fans and aspiration that he would improve even as an artist as well.

Since DONGKIZ has been broadening its spectrum with new concepts and various performance on every album, DONGKIZ’s 4th Single Album [Youniverse] lets us expect a refreshing and cheerful performance that only DONGKIZ could show.

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