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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Meet ELRIS, formed by Hunus entertainment, they made their official debut on the 1st of June, 2017. After adding 2 new members in the beginning of 2020, ELRIS are back with their new vibrant (fourth) mini-album - 'Jackpot '!

Who influences you?

Bella: I am influenced by my parents. Whenever I’m having a hard time, my parents always come into my mind. Giving me valuable advice and having the utmost belief in me are the driving factors that allow me to pick myself up in times of hardship, and for that reason they influence me tremendously..

What words would you use to describe your overall sound?

Chaejeong: Fresh, Unique, Outstanding

What story/message does your new EP "JACKPOT” convey?

EJ: “JACKPOT” is a song that employs jackpot as a metaphor for a playful girl’s love. I am your jackpot (love).

What are your goals for 2020?

Hyeseong: My goal for 2020 is to keep my mind and body healthy.

Bella: Since I always set goals and priorities for the team above mine, I realized that I didn’t set any personal goals! Therefore, my goal for this year is to set goals for myself!

I would like to pick up a foreign language and be able to speak it a little before the year ends!

What concept would you like to try in the future?

Karin: Actually, I have wanted to try a “powerful” concept like we did in “JACKPOT”. Hence, I was extremely content all throughout our comeback preparation. Given the opportunity, I would like to try a “dreamlike” concept with a powerful choreography!

What are your favourite things to do together aside from making music?

Hyeseong: I like to watch movies and dramas.

Yukyung: I am working on consistent self-care and self-development.

Do you have a message for fans/ new listeners?

Sohee: To all our fans!! We owe our motivation to perform and continue to grow thanks to all of your continued support. We are always grateful for you guys and love you all dearly❤

Bella: We always earn strength through your supportive comments. We are very thankful and want to become better for you all. Please stay closely tuned for an improving Elris and a developing Bella❤

EJ: We want to meet all of Bliss very soon. We would also like to have the time to share a conversation with all of you.

Chaejeong: We, as Elris, have plenty of diverse concepts and wonderful songs, so we ask for a lot of your love and interest. Thank you so much for always watching, supporting, and being with Elris. Please show us a lot of love!

Hyeseong: We will continue to be artists who drive to show improvements, so please keep an affectionate eye on us <3

Yukyung: Thank you very much to all our Bliss who always stay by our side❤

Karin: Bliss! Thank you for your love and care, and for supporting us with your kind words. It is with those words that we can pick ourselves back up when we’re down. I am very happy because of Bliss as well. I will continue to strive to become a better version of Karin! Bye❤

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