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GHOST9 고스트나인 | Official Debut

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Consisting of 9 members, Lee Woojin, Lee Jinwoo, and Lee Taeseung, who starred in Mnet's "Produce X 101" and made their unit pre-debut as TEEN TEEN, will be included in the lineup. Dong Jun, who participated in the work of Park Jihoon and TEEN TEEN in the album, and PRINCE, who is fluent in four languages(EN, Thai, CN, KOR), also be included.


In the summer of that year, when endless rain poured down like dead bullets, a mysterious, gigantic door float down a river of the city suffered from disastrous floods. Local adults try to lift the door with a construction vehicle, but the door won't budge.

"Just open the door"

The moment a boy's voice spread through the air like a water drop, everyone around him became silent and watched him. As the boy approached the tightly stuck door and turned the handle, it gently opened and a deep world inside the door welcomed him. The Earth may have been tilted a little bit more as the boy strode towards the world beyond the door where new gravity acts.

When he steps into the world beyond the door and takes his first breath, the heavy air that he couldn't feel in the city reaches deep into his lungs. He couldn't help but smile as he quickly realized that he became apart of nature. The outside world fades away from his mind. Slowly but surely, he is forgetting even his name. And the moment he felt that his body was getting too heavy that he couldn't even move a muscle, the last thing his blurred eyes can observe is the silhouette of other boys from a distance.

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