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GWSN | 4th EP 'The Keys' Track Commentary

An official breakdown of each track from GWSN's 4th EP 'The Keys'!


The song is a hopeful meaning of breaking down the worries and emotional turmoil in one’s mind and moving toward new dreams.

It is a song that marks the expansion of Girls in the Park’s unique Uptempo Electro-pop genre into a new style, drawing more anticipation from the Design Music team which has produced numerous K-pop hits including Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got A Boy’, EXO’s ‘Love me right’ and ‘Wolf’, TWICE’s ‘Dance the Night Away’, and Red Velvet’s ‘Happiness’.


COMPOSED BY Nermin Harambasic, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Ronny Svendsen, Fabian Torsson, Harry Sommerdahl

ARRANGED BY Fabian Torsson, Harry Sommerdahl

2. Wonderboy, the Aerialist

This song is a jazz pop song that displays an exquisite combination of both acoustic and electronic sounds. This hybrid showcases Girls in the Park’s new musical direction and the members’ attractive vocals.

The lyrics inspired by Paul Oster’s novel ‘Mr. Vertugo’ were presented as a prop-like piece of work, intersecting thoughts about himself living in this era in the of ‘Wonder Boy’.

LYRICS BY Emily Yeonseo Kim

COMPOSED BY Emily Yeonseo Kim, minGtion, An Shin Ae


3. Tweaks ~ Heavy cloud but no rain

With the Retro R&B/House infused song, the jazzy Mars chorus was combined on a groovy analog baseline with a 80’s synth pop feel to create a distinctive vibe. Girls in the Park’s stylish monologues portray the new changes by gradually changing the wrongs they can feel in daily life.


COMPOSED BY Andreas Oberg, Daniel “Obi” Klein, Charli Taft

ARRANGED BY Daniel “Obi” Klein

4. After the bloom (alone)

This song is a minor track completed by adding a Dance Hall-like code to Latin R&B.

The new work is even more special as it is a track from the 2nd mini album ‘Park of the Night part 2’ and an extension of ‘Bloom (True Light)’, a song loved by many listeners and fans.

In the process of growing up and becoming adults, we face new thoughts, new lives; new worlds that we have yet to experience. We can see this maturation of each member of Girls in the Park as they musically navigate through all of the uncertainties that arise throughout their journey.


COMPOSED BY Jan Baars, Rajan Muse, Ronnie Icon, Nathalie Boone

ARRANGED BY Jan Baars, Rajan Muse, Ronnie Icon

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