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JENTLE HOME | Behind the collection

"Jennie’s retro and classic mood fused with Gentle Monster’s futuristic aesthetics."

The campaign, shot by none other than photographer Hugo Comte, featured a nostalgic collection of sunglasses, glasses and accessories. We speak to the GENTLE MONSTER design team to discover one of the most anticipated fashion collaborations of 2020.

What drew you to collaborate with Jennie? And, how did this collaboration come about?

Since her predebut trainee years, Jennie was often seen wearing Gentle Monster eyewear, and even after her debut as she became one of the most influential fashion figures, she wore Gentle Monster both for her airport looks and her performances. Jennie was someone we had envisioned that someday we would collaborate with, as we think that genuine attraction is important. In 2018 we had a chance to engage with YG when we worked with MINO, and after that Jennie and Gentle Monster initiated creative discourse.

What was working with Jennie like? What were some of her ideas/concepts for the ‘Jentle Home’ collection?

The process of working with Jennie was natural and organic, as Jennie is quite a collector of vintage and classic sunglasses. Jennie seemed to be inspired by classic, modern and feminine shapes, so we started from there. The clean cut acetate with the graded color lenses are the epitome of such concepts. The next step was incorporating Gentle Monster's unique yet elegant look. We wanted to create a signature detail for this special collection with Jennie, and after much thought, decided to add the ring detail in the acetate temple so that there is a hint of elegance embedded with the classic mood.

Who and which things were your inspiration while creating the design mood board for the ‘Jentle Home’ collection?

We delved into the past for inspiration. Vintage fashion, retro items, and classic styles were what filled our mood board.

How long did it take you to go from creating a mood board to having a finalised collection?

We started talking with Jennie during May 2019, and had several meetings for about a year to finalize all aspects of the project. The collection comprises various aspects, such as the eyewear, the Jentle Home pop-up space in Sinsa and the special candy goods by NUDAKE. Each element probably took a few months, but because they all have to be aligned with one another to complete the ‘Jentle Home’ Collection, it was a year-long project with an incredible amount of detail.

Were there any challenges when creating the ’Jentle Home’ collection?

I wouldn’t say it was a challenge, but rather a mission, and it was to create a collection that would suit Jennie, as well as to combine both Jennie and Gentle Monster’s uniqueness to present a well-rounded and meaningful collaboration. When a brand and a celebrity team up for a collaborative collection, it is not as easy as one might think: for the brand, there is the difficulty of creating something innovative and surprising at the same time as maintaining the brand and celebrity identity, whereas for the celebrity, there is the risk of damaging her

image if things were to go wrong. Both Gentle Monster and Jennie decided to take the risk and as a result, was able to co-create this unique and special collection.

How would you describe the overall style of the ‘Jentle Home’ collection? 

Jennie’s retro and classic mood fusioned with Gentle Monster’s futuristic aesthetics.

What is your favourite pair from the collection? And, how would you style it?

The 1996 eyewear is most special because it was Jennie’s favourite and involved her participation the most during the designing process. Even before the launch, she liked it so much that she wore it around everywhere!

The 1996 eyewear fits well with a wide range of styles and can create various moods: from boxy t-shirts to form-fitting feminine dresses, from glam make-up to no make-up at all. You can create both casual and classy moods just with 1996, and you can even make it chic by pairing it with the special chains from this collection such as the Moonlight, Sunlight or ONYX. I suggest looking into Jennie’s elaborate 9 looks that she posted on her instagram for more inspiration

Discover the collection: JENTLE MONSTER

Editor: Star Hannan

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