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Kik5o 키코

Discover emerging artist Kik5o (키코)! Signed to record label MAINSTREAM, she recently launched her debut single 'In The Dark'. The RnB single, which was "written based on my inferiority complex" highlights a true self-reflection showcasing her raw-conflicting emotions and undeniable talent.

What are your earliest memories of music?

Since I was little, my mother influenced me musically, sharing powerful-emotional songs from the ’90s and from older generations. I’ve been making songs since I was the age of four, of course, I never completed them!

What inspired you to create music?

My musical inspiration comes from experiences, which gives me complex emotions. I also get inspired when I look back on my past self, and I try to express my emotions and feelings from these experiences to my audience.

How would you describe your sound?

I think my sound is rough, lively, and a little explosive.

What is the story /the message behind your new single 'In The Dark'?

The song 'In The Dark' is actually written based on my inferiority complex. Love that comes from an audience is very noble and glorious. Yet, the weight of this love is a little too heavy for me as a human being to take responsibility for. I wrote when I was a little angry and sad about it, but now I'm trying to be a little more worthy of that love.

Do you have a favourite lyric which particularly resonates with you?

My favourite lyrics in In The Dark is  'At least I'm trying to repent'!

Do you have a message for fans/ new listeners?

Finally, to those who love my music, your love becomes a life force for me and makes positive changes in my life. I will always love you and I want to show my love to you! And, it's an honour to have my music in your life. Thank you!

Catch Kik5o's first live performance next week, October 19th at 9 pm KST. Kik5o will sing 2 songs from her album live through Arirang Radio Sound.

Editor: Star Hannan


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