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LIA KIM | 1Million Dance Studio [Interview]

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Congratulations on moving the studio, how do you feel?

"At the Nonhyeon-dong studio, the studio space was limited and we had to send a lot of the students back. I felt really bad, but now that we’ve moved to a much bigger space in Seongsu-dong, I’m happy that we are able to fit everyone in the studio." 

What songs are on your playlist these days?

"I recently posted it on Instagram, but I’ve been listening to Ruel’s Painkiller a lot. As soon as I heard it, it became my favorite song. The Weeknd’s new album is also full of danceable songs and I listen to it often. I stretch to 2 by H.E.R every day, and Janelle Monae’s Make Me Feel is on the playlist because I’d like to choreograph the song." 

Where do you find inspiration for your choreography?

"I usually get a lot of inspiration from movies and fashion shows. There has been a lot of good music that came out recently and I enjoy freestyling to the unique emotions of the artists of various genres. So instead of trying to squeeze out the choreography, I try to focus on my improvisational movements."

Please tell us on which songs you have been creating choreography to recently?

"There are some songs I’ve been working on since Mamamoo’s 'Hip' but I can’t tell you right now because they haven’t been released yet. I want to post it later on the 1Million Youtube channel or on my personal Instagram after they are released."

What is your most memorable project?

"I recently filmed the video “Killing Me Perfectly” in Paris, and I remember going to and from Cergy Lake, which is about two hours from Paris, countlessly for three days. It was raining a lot and all the staff and I went through so much that Cergy Lake is all I can think of when someone talks about Paris. It was a difficult project, but I’m really attached to it because the storyline and the visuals were depicted just as I had hoped." 

What are your favorite cities and places in Europe?

"Brighton! I’ve always wanted to go to the Seven Sisters, but I haven’t been there yet. When I was invited to the Burberry show in London in February, I tried to go, but the schedule was very tight and I didn’t get to visit it."

Do you have plans to visit Europe ?

"Every time I’ve visited Europe, it was because of a project or a business trip. I want to take a vacation in Europe the next time I visit. I would love to relax in Brighton and other places all over Europe."

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