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MCND [MCND AGE] Exclusive Interview

MCND (엠시엔디) is a 5 piece boy-group under TOP Media, consisting of members: Castle J, BIC, Minjae, Huijun, and Win. Since their debut on February 27th, 2020 with 'ICE AGE', the rookie group have had a whirlwind of success combing back with hit after hit.

What is the meaning behind your group name ‘MCND’?

MCND stands for 'Music Creates New Dream', which means creating new dreams with music. We had dreams of becoming artists inspired by watching previous artists, we hope that now we can make our own dreams come true. Furthermore, we hope that we can inspire other people who have dreams of becoming musicians and artists.

What inspired you to become a singer? And, Who influences you?

Castle J: I thought it was very attractive to be able to tell and share my story through


Bic: I've been dancing since I was young, I always felt empowered by the audience, people give me such great joy and inspiration.

Minjae: I remember when I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a singer inspired by

watching other K-pop performances.

Hwijun: My dreams to become a singer became clear after watching other senior artists perform.

Win: Music gave me happiness. I am really happy that I’ve become a singer who has incredible opportunities!

MCND: We are influenced by all the K-pop artists and our seniors, including Andy & Eric, Teen Top, 100%, UP10TION who are in our agency. Each artist or performer has their own unique strengths and talents - they are all so cool.

How has your sound changed/developed since you released ‘MCND AGE’?

MCND: 'MCND AGE' is an album that collates our views of the world, we have enhanced our performance skills and the choreography as we continue to enjoy each moment on the stage. The sound is predominantly led by hip-hop elements combined with luxurious tones matching the title song, ‘우당탕 (Crush)'.

What story/message does your digital album ‘MCND AGE' convey?

MCND: 'MCND AGE' is an extension of the 1ST MINI ALBUM [EARTH AGE] and is an album that completes our world and shows our story. Our debut albums 'Into the ICE AGE' pathed the way for the creation of our latest album 'MCND AGE', we developed and evolved with each release. The previous work 'EARTH AGE' is the story of five boys who came to the Earth which they had admired from the alien planet 'Kepler-1649c', and 'MCND AGE' shows our ambitions to initiate our own era on Earth.

Do you have a favourite song which particularly resonates with you from the


Castle J: I like 'Outro; ᄆᄎᄂᄃ'. I like the lyrics “Ay Don’t take off your sunglasses, I'm

shining, so protect your cornea”. Every single lyrics of this song is so cool, I hope you can listen! (It's not just because I wrote it haha!)

Bic: I like 'Outro; I like'ᄆᄎᄂᄃ' as well. I feel like the hook part shows our style and talents well.

Minjae: My favourite track is 'LOUDER'! I especially liked the lyrics "Along that endless road, everyone wants perfection."

Hwijun: For me, the lyrics “Time to shine! Now Music Creates New Dream We’re crazy we know” from the song 'Outro; ᄆᄎᄂᄃ' is the best.

Win: For me, I like my part in ‘우당탕 (Crush)’, the lyrics “I'm the one but I want more” in because I feel confident.

What are your favourite things to do together aside from making music?

Castle J: Have fun with friends!

Bic: I like to meet and talk with my friends. Especially when I was in middle school!

Minjae & Hwijun: I like travelling with my family.

Win: Listening to music with friends!

What are your goals for 2021?

Castle J: Have a concert with our Gems in person! I want to meet you and

say thank you and say that I love you in person. Also, I hope that more people can listen to our music. Also, I want to find new hobbies and make even better music for you all.

Big: Most of all, my biggest wish is to be back performing with Gems. However, my individual goals is that I wish to work harder to develop and improve my dancing skills!

Minjae: I want to be ranked in the top 100 on the music charts! Also, I want to try writing lyrics and composing.

Hwijun: Have a concert with many Gems!!

Win: I hope that many people feel our energy and presence this year. I also hope to perform on the stage with an audience. I would like to keep improving my rap skills as well.

Do you have a message for fans?

Castle J: Our dear Gems I hope to meet you as soon as possible! I hope you are healthy and safe! I hope you love this album a lot, let's meet up soon and have fun ❤ I love you all!

Bic: Thank you for always supporting us! We also will always support you Gems. I hope we can meet up soon when Covid19 ends~

Minjae: We miss you a lot Gems, and I'll work hard to give you an amazing performance in the future!

Hwijun: I really want to meet Gems soon and host our performances in person. Please

be patient and hold on for a little longer! Thank you for always supporting us!

Win: I want to show our performances in person!! It's such a shame that I always

greet you through writing. I hope that we can see you all soon hosting a wonderful

performance in 2021! Thank you for everything! ❤

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MCND Official Twitter | https://twitter.com/McndOfficial_

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