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miramiraonthewall, based in London/Seoul, is the next emerging jewellery pioneer. Taking inspiration from 'the scent of autumn’, designer and student, Jiwoo Kim works alongside nature to curate an elegant Autumn campaign and collection.

How did you first get into jewellery design?

I am currently in my second year of studying Bags and Accessories at the London College of Fashion. I have always had a huge interest in pearls and chains but could never find the right accessories that suited my tastes. This really motivated me to start designing my own jewellery. My goal and aim are to share my love and affection of different accessories through diverse designs. Although my collection is limited at the moment, I am truly excited about the brand’s future and the journey it will take me on.

What influences you when you create new designs?

I draw influences from everywhere- particularly streets, dark landscapes, geometrical architecture and of course, nature. During my foundation year, I was intrigued by the designer Charlotte Ham who mixes architecture and fashion together. I realised then that merging and collaborating two juxtaposing features was an incredible concept. I try to keep my vision as wide as possible to allow myself to express my influences in my designs.

How long did it take you to go from creating a mood board to having a finalised collection?

When designing, I am more of a practical designer rather than a 'pen and paper' person. I like to experiment with all the materials that I have. I tend to make around 20 designs and choose the most successful rings that compliment my theme and from that, I further evaluate and improve until I have a final design. This process usually takes about a week. There are both advantages and disadvantages to creating designs this way, but I am still at the stage of experimenting with what works for me as a designer.

What is the theme behind your new collection?

For my new collection, the theme was ‘the scent of autumn’. I wanted my designs to have a warm but crisp finish - just like autumn. This is why I only used natural light during my photoshoot, taking advantage of the natural golden hours to enhance the warm autumn theme.

Were there any challenges when creating your new collection?

Challenges always occur when creating a new collection. For this collection, I did not want to create designs that were too simple, but also not too out-going. It is difficult trying to find a design that appeals to me as a designer whilst also trying to suit the needs tastes of my customer base.

What is your favourite item from the collection? And, How would you style it?

My favourite item would definitely be the clear amber ring. It's bold yet light - It really works as a statement piece to add to an outfit. Considering it is autumn, I would style it with a trench coat and some boots; maybe even layer it with another ring from my collection called the 'Simple Dust' ring, a small thin ring that is perfect for layering. I also have a sterling silver collection coming very soon. I am extremely excited to share, so please stay tuned!

Discover the collection here: miramiraonthewall

Editor: Star Hannan

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