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Nam Yoon Su 남윤수

Actor and model Nam Yoon Su, who is represented by Agency Garten, kickstarted his career at the age of 17 with his Seoul Fashion Week debut for SS17! Soon to follow, Nam Yoon Su began acting, with one of his most prominent roles yet starring as 'Kwak Kitae' in Netflix's popular drama 'Extracurricular'. We chat to Nam Yoon Su to discuss his career, life on set, and his accomplishments so far.

Can you describe your acting style? When I get the script and prepare for the role, I think about the characters and the situation. As an actor my role is to think back and explore why I'm talking about these lines. I don't have a specific style of acting, but I think it's my style to interpret it as my own acting according to the given situation and story. What is being on set like? I always try to be comfortable on set. I always have the belief and responsibility that I can do well. Because I think your mindset is important not only when acting but also when doing other things. How do you get into character? I think, I practice acting a lot before shooting. I use my imagination to imagine many situations, understand and explore how my character feels, and incorporate it into my acting.

Who would be your dream crew to work with on set? I think I was the best fit for director Kim Jin-min at the set of the most recent Netflix original series "Human Class." The director was always someone who instilled faith in me before shooting. He didn't give me the right answer to my character or acting, but he respected my acting and encouraged me to do better. While filming "Human Class", I'm thankful that I received a lot of help and confidence from the director. What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor?

Watching the works I've played so far, I feel that I'm learning and showing a lot, and I feel a sense of accomplishment with the idea that I'm growing up.

Do you watch like to watch the shows you were in after when they air?

After finishing filming, I want to check my acting so I watch the show no matter what. But on the other hand, I'm embarrassed to think about the scenes I've acted in. Haha, but I want to evaluate my acting coldly, so I check it out.

Do you have any advice for aspiring actors? I think self-improvement is important for acting. I think you have to see, feel, and think constantly. I don't think the answer to acting is fixed, so I hope you try everything you want without fear. And never let go of your dreams. There are many people who achieve their dreams rather than give up. And don't think that the stories of people who achieve their dreams are stories of others, but make them into their own stories. I don't think there's anything called being late when it comes to acting. Way to go, everyone!

Editor: Star Hannan

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