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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Meet singer-songwriter DEMIAN, signed to SONY Music he debuted on the 11th of March, 2020 with the official release of his first single ‘Cassette’.  Going against conventional music standards, ‘Cassette’ illustrates the harsh-reality that “People sometimes tend to twist their own memories to make it more beautiful than it actually was”

What are your earliest memories of music? 

My father is a big fan of music. He used to DJ at bars in his college days. His music collection was very different from what was on the radio or on TV. When I was young, in the car, he would often play a CD that had cover songs by a country band -I found out later on that the song I remember was ‘La Bamba’. I remember dad singing along to the song for me to cheer me up when we were stuck in traffic jams.

What inspired you to create music? 

My inspiration comes from the belief that the things that happen to me are special. I want to archive the things and also want to dig deeper into the emotions I feel. The desire to portray these in its original form, makes me keep wanting to write music.

What three words would you use to describe your sound?

Emotional, cold and immature

What is the story/message your single "Cassette" conveys? 

The song “Cassette” is about the act of dwelling on. I wanted to show how memories of an ordinary relationship get more special as time passes by. Things like hearing heartbeats that I did not hear back then, and adding beautiful sunsets to what were ordinary weathers. The reason I write these feelings which are familiar yet don’t get talked about a lot is that I wanted to tell the listeners that I feel them too. 

People sometimes tend to twist their own memories to make it more beautiful than it actually was, and blame it on oneself for being imperfect. 

Thoughts like “why am I so stupid?” or "why I was so selfish, contradictory, naïve, or cruel." I wanted to tell those people that I feel the same way too, and that these emotions are real and could be valuable. That’s why I wanted to make the song sound aesthetic. 

Blaming oneself could be one of the steps to growing up, but I believe that knowing others feel the same way too can comfort people and make room to forgive others. One cannot fully understand another, even oneself. We still have to embrace each other.

Which artists inspired the overall sound of your debut single "Cassette"? 

There wasn't a single particular artist that inspired “Cassette”, but I think that the artists that I like and listen to daily must have influenced my musical style. Coldplay is one of my favourite bands. Although my voice sounds nothing like him, Chris Martin has always influenced me with his melodies. In the arrangement sense, I believe that the song could have been inspired by music of bands like The 1975 and LANY. 

Do you have a message for fans/ new listeners? 

I hope to see you very soon! I will try to reach out to you through Instagram and vlogs. Stay safe, healthy and happy!

Editor Star Hannan


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