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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The highly anticipated new single 'Don't Say No', which features the tracks 'Don't Say No (Feat. 박재범 Jay Park)' and '침묵 Silence' was released on the 5th of August.

We chat to the groundbreaking-indie-band which consists of members 설호승 Seol Hoseung (Vocal / Guitar,) 이한빈 Lee Hanbin (Bass), 오명석 Oh Myeongsuk (Drums), and, 김도연 Kim Doyeon (Guitar) to discuss their latest release and reflect on the journey of music making!

What are your earliest memories of music?

Ho Seung: When I was very young, I remember listening to a lot of music while riding in the car with my family. Since then, when I first heard Jimi Hendrix's music at the age of 13, I think my thoughts about music have changed a lot.

Do Yeon: My mother used to play Beatle’s music for me.

Myeong Suk: I have listened to music since I was young, but I got into music deeply when I listened to 'Nine Inch Nails' songs in my childhood. After that, I watched their concert videos every night, and it was when I first thought that I want to be a musician.

Han Bin: My father is a orchestra conductor. So I had a chance to see him perform. That’s my first memory of music!

What inspired you to create music?

Ho Seung: I’m inspired by my personal experiences. Anything from the past to present could be my inspiration. I usually have many thoughts in my mind, so I mix up my experiences and my imagination and it certainly becomes a pure inspiration.

Do Yeon: From my relationships with people.

Myeong Suk: I think, it becomes the most natural song when I think and feel about the music that I have been listening to since I was young.

Han Bin: I must have fun ideas to start working. For example, I want to make a song for people who are tone deaf, and I want to make a song that goes on until the end with one note. I think it works well when I have a new idea.

How would you describe your sound?

SURL: I would like to describe it as ‘A new sound made with traditional ingredients’. When recording, mixing and mastering, we prefer to play and record on vintage instruments, and in the mixing and mastering process we also prefer to use tape to create a vintage texture. The texture of the finished sound itself is very vintage, but the song itself has experimented with many new things and we think they have been revealed well.

Could you describe your song writing process?

SURL: We jam when we meet at the rehearsal studio. In the process, we simply record what we think is cool, and we gather together in the studio and listen to what we recorded and come up with ideas and complete them little by little from the next ensemble. This is how we usually do it, and when we get together in the studio, we talk about ideas and make them on the spot, or we sometimes each make our own songs individually and bring them to practice.

How did the collaboration with Jay Park come about? What was it like working with Mr. Park?

SURL: First of all, working with Jay Park was very amazing. I was really happy and surprised to work with one of the most famous artists in Korea.

And the process of working with Jay Park was simple but dramatic. We wrote a new song and there were opinions that it would be okay to include a vocal featuring. While talking about who would be good, Jay Park came out and sent a demo. After waiting, we got a positive answer and we worked together. From what we heard at the music video studio later, I heard that he originally liked and was interested in band music.

What is the story /the message behind your new singles 'Don't say no' and 'Silence'?

SURL: 'Don't Say No' and 'Silence' both covered the conversation between people. 'Don't Say No' is about asking someone to talk out when that someone does not want to say anything but hold whatever is on their mind. 'Silence' is about being silent to someone who won't listen and change their attitude. There are no hidden meaning in this single but I hope that those who are having a hard time alone with something in their hearts listen to these songs and get comforted and encouraged to shake them off.

Do you have a favourite lyric which particularly resonates with you?

Ho Seung: My favorite part is the first part of the lyrics.

‘If you're gonna put it vaguely, Just be honest with me.’

I considered this a lot when I wrote it. It's saying that I want to tell someone, but it's also saying that I want to tell to myself.

Do Yeon: ‘But it don’t work out, like Rachael and ross’

Myeong Suk: ‘Please hold my hand before it's broken.’

I think it is a sentence that conveys the songs meaning well.

Han Bin: ‘If you're gonna put it vaguely, Just be honest with me.’

Editor: Star Hannan

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