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T1419 티일사일구

T1419 is the next nine-membered global K-Pop boy group after MOMOLAND under MLD ENTERTAINMENT, consisting 5 Korean and 4 Japanese members. Ahead of their debut, T1419 had not only released G-STAR 2020’s title song ‘ROW’, but also unveiled their pre-debut music video ‘Dracula’ which had garnered 7 million views on YouTube. This multi-faceted, multilingual mega group is set out to showcase their top-notch talents in vocals, rap, performance, and producing to the world.

The debut single marks the beginning of the group’s ‘BEFORE SUNRISE’ four-part series, embodying different celestial phenomena, each linked with the growth and life of T1419. The series unfold with their first chapter, ‘Total Solar Eclipse’, a time of chaos where the moon is eclipsed by the sun, a metaphor for the ego being taken over by instincts, which ultimately symbolizes the imperfect and tumultuous adolescence period in one’s life.

The 3-track single album ‘BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1’ opens up with the lead track ‘ASURABALBALTA’, a Hip-hop, EDM based track with trendy sound and a theme lead deriving from a unique source. The song showcases its powerful sound and fast beat as T1419 faces their first quest of realization and overcoming the chaos. This is the very first step into T1419 universe, where they strive to realize and overcome their obstacles. ‘ASURABALBALTA’ is a spell that make one’s wish come true, which also portrays the wishes of all nine members of T1419 for a bright future that will unfold in the coming days. It is then followed by ‘Butt Out’, a powerful Hip-hop and dance track that tells a story of teenagers that desire to live by their own will, and not by the rules of others; it also represents T1419’s will to choose their own future. The debut single album finally closes off with the instrumental version of their first, lead track ‘ASURABALBALTA’.

YouTube: T1419

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/t1419_official/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/T1419_official

Official Website: https://www.mldenter.com/t1419

Editor: Star Hannan


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