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THORNAPPLE, is an Indie band consisting of members: Yoon Sunghyun (Vocal/Guitar), Hong Dongkyun (Guitar), Sim Jaehyun (Bass) and Bang Joseph (Drums)! Formed in 2009, THORNAPPLE aim to express their feelings about emotions and events we try to suppress that ultimately, we have to face.

Q1. First, could you introduce yourself and tell us who you are?

  • THORNAPPLE: We are a four-member Korean indie band. It is the name of any plant, literally a prickly apple. We express feelings about things we want to ignore but have to face.

Q2. What made you start doing what you do?

  • Yoon Sunghyun: There were a lot of things that I wanted to express about myself for more than 20 years, and I felt I had to empty them. Since I have liked foreign music since I was a child, I think music has become a tools of expression. I think my exprience in a college band influenced me greatly.

  • Hong Dongkyun: When I heard the DJ sing 'Purple Rain' by Prince live on the radio, I started music because I thought it was cool.

  • Sim Jaehyun: At first, I listened to various genres of music through music game, and I became interested in electronic music, so I studied music as a major and have been in the band until now.

  • Bang Joseph: I started music as a hobby at my parents' recommendation, but I felt that it was a pleasure to do something, and I have been doing it with interest since then.

Q3. Who are your favorite artists?

  • Yoon Sunghyun: RADIOHEAD

  • Hong Dongkyun: I think all the members will say Radiohead, and the best in my heart is Portishead.

  • Sim Jaehyun: I like musicians based on old j-pop such as Kirinji and Haruomi Hosono.

  • Bang Joseph: I can't say just which artist I like best, but recently I listen to suchmos, the hyatus, toe, foals, and polaris.

Q4. What is your favorite art genre? (Cinema, painting, music, dance,...)

  • Yoon Sunghyun: Cinema. I think it's the most comprehensive art genre in modern times.

  • Hong Dongkyun: Cinema. Cinema can contain everything.

  • Sim Jaehyun: Cinema.

  • Bang Joseph: My favourite art genre is music.

Q5. And what is your favorite performance / work in this genre?

  • Yoon Sunghyun: It's hard to pick one. Among the latest works, Ari Aster's Midsommar was an interesting one.

  • Hong Dongkyun: David Fincher's Gone Girl. The double-track of the movie is interesting.

  • Sim Jaehyun: Film scores - I like the part that you can enjoy differently from the music you usually listen to. Cinema (Film) has a strong feeling of comprehensive art, so I think it's good to enjoy all of the arts in general.

  • Bang Joseph: To put it simply, I think anything cool is good.

Q6. How do you see yourself in the future? 5 years?

  • Yoon Sunghyun: It is so hard to think of it. In fact, I don't know what will happen a year later.

  • Hong Dongkyun: I think I’ll be playing music. There are a lot of things I want to do, but music will be in the center.

  • Sim Jaehyun: I'll be focusing on music.

  • Bang Joseph: I think I’ll be doing more performances and having more experiences.

Q7. What do you dislike about the art world?

  • Yoon Sunghyun: In the past, I liked to analyze why this was good or bad. Such as being devoid of originality, to being full of soulless finesse, or vice versa. But now I'm just following my intuition.

  • Hong Dongkyun: The perception and image that an artist should be poor. In particular, Korea has a preconceived notion to musicians that he/she would be poor if he/she were in a band. There still seems to be a perception in the broadcast media that if they want money while doing music, it's not art. I hope this will also be accepted as a stern job.

  • Sim Jaehyun: Nothing special.

  • Bang Joseph: There is nothing I dislike.

Q8. What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

  • Yoon Sunghyun: “Life is basically painful, and don't bother trying to find meaning.” It's more like a comfort to myself than someone's advice. It is hard to keep it well. A tug of war between longing for meaning and affirming being alive itself. What's important is balance.

  • Hong Dongkyun: "The music of a man whose life is all about music has no appeal." I don't remember exactly who I heard it from, but it still remains in my memory the most.

  • Sim Jaehyun: A saying, “It’s all done by people”.

  • Bang Joseph: I don't think back and forth with advice, but I accept and apply the davice I heard at that time. I can't pick one in particular.

Editor: Sasha Le Floch

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