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In conversation with Park Eunkyung aka UNISTELLA

Artist and designer Park Eunkyung is one of the biggest names in South Korea’s beauty scene. Operating a nail salon, working on commercial projects and designing nail jewellery for her brand UNISTELLA (유니스텔라) - Park Eunkyung is at the forefront of nail artistry and jewellery design. With some of her biggest celebrity clients including K-pop super-group BLACKPINK, 공효진, and, Min Hyorin (민효린); Park Eunkyung sets nail trends with innovation and vivacity.

How did you first get into nail art?

I have always wanted to be in the beauty industry since I was young. So, I started learning how to do hair and makeup, eventually, I ended up only working on nails. 

What influences you when you create new designs?

I always remind myself to do two things when coming up with new designs:

To challenge myself - to do what doesn't make any sense! And, to get rid of any existing stereotypes.

Now I don't limit myself when getting inspiration, I’d rather try whatever comes up in my mind first.

What is your go-to nail shape?

I like square shapes with defined edges, but, I recently found ways to get away from traditional shapes and try new shapes as well. I came up with the concept of Lipstick shaped nails - I love it so much!

What is your favourite nail polish brand to wear?

I like Chanel the most.

What are your favourite nail trends for summer?

I think retro patterns from the 90s are really fun. As well as, using butterflies, cherries, and holograms - which remind me of Instagram filters!

How did you start to create nail jewellery?

Everything I come up with and create (including my nail jewellery) is just what I have always dreamt of and thought was convenient.

It all started with a small concept and eventually evolved into something - my UNISTELLA collection.

I first thought of nail jewellery when I was dreaming of futuristic nails back in 2015.

I thought it would be cool if we could wear and remove nail art easily and also make use of the space around nails.

What is your favourite piece of nail jewellery that you designed from your collection?

I love my Nail Heel Rings’ exceptionally because it took me so many failures until I could achieve the design it has today.

I kept trying despite the many failures because, I was certain I could do so much more with the ‘Nail Heel Ring’ once I figured out how to make it more wearable.

Also, I love how it gives you a lot more confidence, like wearing heels does! This inspired its name - ‘Nail Heel rings’.

Shop the Nail jewellery collection here: UNISTELLA

Editor: Star Hannan

Photos courtesy of UNISTELLA

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